Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PART II More...WHITE MAKEOVER??...GUEST BEDROOM tons of photos...

My faithful cat is always close by...
Today we pick up where we left off. I could have packed these into another White Wednesday but...why wait!! so if you did not see previous post it goes along with this one.
White metal table very lightweight (actually) was part of vintage patio furniture.
White Old Stoneware pieces for the shelves.
This is the White pedestal next to bed which is not old but has great texture.
On to the little things I enjoy....looking at. White Bird feeder...Use-2 use it outside but wanted it to maintain this look so brought it inside.
Fabulous White wrought iron candle holder.
3 on a shelf...again creamy White the far right is my fave.
Creamy White Sugar and Creamer with Old Books.
More pottery....lovely Whites and creams.
Array of White pillows...batten berg lace is a fave.
Off-White coffee pot...I have a thing for coffee pots in general...and I don't drink coffee...go figure!
I script all of these White door panels. How about a drawing??...any takers on one of these signs...can use the name of your is goooood.
White Tilt-Top Table and Stoneware Pitcher/bowl
PAIR OF WHITE SUITCASES...great for hidden storage.
THERE ARE 2 BOOKCASES. *I'm thinking those books need to be worked differently...hmmmmm
Perhaps some White covers for the books...
Hope you've enjoyed the transformation of the guest bedroom. I know I will enjoy working around all of my things since my desk is off to one side. Hope you all have a great day...The sun is bright in Texas today!