Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Wonderfully White" Oh what a feelin'

This is how I started my week last week...20 yds of fabric.
A couple of days later this is what I had...so "Oh, what a feeling".

The pics below are where I came from... great sofa just too busy for my room.

I've gotta say it's a transformation. Okay let me go back to some previous post FOR A MUCH NEEDED SOURCE. I use a DVD from HTTP://DIYSLIPCOVERS.COM.
The teacher and my friend John French...he is fabulous and his slipcover method a must see. How did I meet John? On the internet of course. I've completed numerous projects with his methods and because John uses the pattern method it's great for a beginner or a novice. I learned the basics and then I just have kept sewing...By making a pattern I can give a facelift to a chair over and over and the only thing that cost me is "fabric".
Do I get a plug for referring him "NO" what I do get is the satisfaction of a great slipcover where literally I saved 100's of dollars because I did the work myself.
On this sofa alone I have saved $400.00 how do I know this?? I contacted my upholstery guy.

Oh yeah this photo on the bottom after I finished the above sofa I went on to my sitting room..follow to see "before and after".