Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wonderfully White with alittle Drama

A week ago I decided to paint white over my little pink cabinet. That's how this started.

Next thing I know I'm removing some pink that I had accumulated.
The dusting on the carpet is carpet cleaner. Ooooops!
I enjoy sitting in this sitting room the sunlight that streams in from the door and 84" windows is fantastic and I just feel good when I sit in this room.It's the room that not only puts a smile on my face. It's the one that gives me energy. White can be very cool the black roots it and gives it some drama. We all could use a little DRAMA. The quilted fabric makes it warm and inviting.

Quilted: I used 1 king size and 1 full for all the black and white toile pieces.

Out with Summer and in with the Winter.I have removed the floral pillows and sewed new slipcovers for cushions and made pillows to loose that summer feel. The chill is in the air and I looooove to feel cozy and I enjoy things that are SOFT....I took 2 quilts that I had and CUT THEM UP (Yeah!! @#!": I cut up quilts they just didn't work in the bedrooms...don't worry it's not illegal)... for seat cushions complete with zippers for ease of washing. I've made 4 (24"x24") pillows and 2 small bolster pillows. I've removed floral cups, saucers, floral pillows with only a bare minimum of pink to remain. I've added in lots more white of multiple shades. I love various shades of whites I think they compliment each other and give a white room's decor.. texture. You will never see one of my rooms with only one shade of white. I have always loved black and cream toile with splashes of white to complement. The quilt just makes you feel like sitting for a spell.I've already had a friend over and she said they just make her want to.. sit down (actually she said, "curl up").What a compliment exactly what I was going for @#!<: **note some of the accessories may be different from pic to pic because I move them around until...they feel right. Know what I mean?. I'm rushing around to put my house back together but just wanted to say Hi to my friends! So....Hi