Friday, April 30, 2010

Come on... Ask me about my Trip???

1.) This great old 3 pc tea set $15 real silver (no lid for the sugar bowl)
2.)Note the great old round mirror below's actually a wall mirror but I liked it so well not to mention the fact it works great as a tabletop that I'm resusing differently than original purpose.($28.)
3.) Oh how I love old silverware... ($1) each
4.) Ironstone Gravy dish ($5)
5.) Ironstone Teapot ($6)

Fabulous old Silverware.
A great ironstone gravy bowl with "aged" perfection.
You're not Bored are ya?? Okay isn't she a cutie> my ironstone tea pot?

That's it for today check back this week-end cause there's more....and for me the best is yet to come!