Saturday, February 6, 2010


Remember when I blogged about black roses well I did it. I rewired the lamp myself and it's easy. Okay Girls, do you hand this job over to your husbands or just throw away a non-working lamp?. Do you pass up good deals because it has to be rewired. SCROLL DOWN AND SEE HOW EASY IT IS.(((start at the bottom and work your way up....You can do it!)))READ THROUGH THE DIRECTIONS SO THEY MAKE SENSE TO YOU.

Keep scrolling for 5 easy steps.
*note*On the back of the replacement parts are's easy but to show you I thought I'd give a quick overview. You will see that there are indention's on the switch that line up.. push down and you've done it.
Step 5:
Once you have attached the the wires in place take the middle of the 3 part housing and slide it over the switch as pictured above.
Step 4: part 1 of 2 *note* in this picture you will see that before I attached the wires to the inner housing I first attached the base of the new housing by screwing it onto the pole (there are threads on the bottom that make it attach securely) There is a small screw on the outside for you to screw down for extra sturdiness.
*note*Tape wrapped around the screws to cover wire ends once screwed down.
Step 4: part 2 of 2: Take apart your new housing replacement switch.It will break down in 3 parts the base, the inner workings and the housing cover (which here is brass). Unscrew the screws slightly to allow the replacement cording to be attached. The cord will have 2 stands pull them apart slightly to allow enough room to attach a cord to each side.Make a hook out of the exposed wire to wrap tightly down by the screw head. Once you have attached each side together you're ready to reassemble the housing. (I like to cover the screws with a piece of black electric tape to protect against the corded wire hitting the inside of the housing.
The housing will have a brown cardboard inside that is actually an insulation.(my thought is extra protection).
Step 3:Remove the cord and feed through the base of your lamp (to get it to go through the tubing i wound the cord together. These cords come in various lengths and colors.

STEP 2:if your lamp had no guts you will need to buy a couple of items.
here I purchased lamp cord and replacement lamp part (they sell the knob or the pull chain types.)
Step 1: You will need 4 items to rewire. Pliers or needle nose pliers as pictured, a flat or Phillips screwdriver, a roll of black tape., and a pair of scissors for the tape along with your replacement parts.