Thursday, November 5, 2009

So you say it's Your Birthday! Mine too.

...I LIKE BEING 46...

46 Things about Me. Because today is my 46th birthday.

1.Today November 5 is MY BIRTHDAY.

2.Favorite Ice Cream : RockyRoad

3. Favorite Donut: Glazed

4. I don't like scary movies but enjoy love stories.

5. I struggle with my weight.

6. I workout 3-4 times a week

7.I'm a Christian (not religious) just love the Lord.

8. Favorite Drink: Ice Tea (sweet)

9.Favorite Actress: Meryle Streep

10. Love the smell of fresh cut grass.

11. I enjoy mowing the yard.

12. I don't keep live plants in the house cause I'd kill them.

13.My kids: I have a grown son and a daughter-in-law and a step-son.

14. Favorite food: Mashed potatoes

15. I love all kinds of music

16. I can keep a secret

17. Love to shop resale It's New to Me

18. Am very close to my mom and grandmother

19. Love my mother-in-law

20. I don't like to drive on ice

21. Clothing: I love black

22. When I was little my hair was blonde (now only Loreal knows)

23. My grandaddy called me cotton-top

24. I met my husband at Lowes

25. I'm constantly rearranging the house

26. I sleep great when it's raining

27. If not careful I can be very mothering

28. Love to sew household items

29. I am not a perfectionist

30. Favorite TV Show: funniest videos

31. Love to Paint (come from 4 generations of painters *men*)

32. Consider shoes to be a need not an accessory

33. Can't wear high heels due to a back injury

34. Enjoy sitting on the porch

35. Have great respect for my husband (he's a brainiac)

36. Ride a motorcycle and own a white one.

37. Stand by the scripture "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

38. Own a cat but prefer dogs

39. Only want to live in Historic Homes

40. My new favorite color: off-white now as the dominant color

41. Am a homebody

42. Only type about 40 wpm

43. Love the smell of coffee but don't drink it

44. First drink of the day Diet Coke

45. Love to find a good trash discard

46 Am spontaneous.