Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crown Molding for the Queen of the Master Bath

I know...I know... My attire is not that of the "Queen". But the Crown Molding is at the Queen's request... 5"wide with 2 additional pieces making it approx 7" for the final width it's great that the "King" is so handy.
Always my helper at my side. Billie (our cat who my husband calls Bill) she's now 18 years old and she follows along then lays down (anywhere she can).
Okay I'm tired I'll admit it. I've primed and painted crown molding for the masterbath and.... for the living room....Along with what you see here I've also painted 20 other sticks that will go with what you see. These boards are 16 feet long. Can't wait to show you the final view. I've also painted the fan covers and the vent cover with rustoleum paint.From the look of my t-shirt it would seem that I've got more on me than the boards however this shirt has seen many projects! LOL Until next time.