Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree and Decor

Okay!!!Okay!!!! Don't get in a panic It's just me bubbling over a holiday that just makes me HAPPY....I so enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh, the holidays ...making time for family and friends...all the cooking...I bake alot during the holidays I just love to have something handy in case a friend stops by. I can't help it...many a time I've run to the car with a basket, plate or tray of goodies just to deliver it to someone else's house. It's about giving and that's what gives me pleasure. I enjoy letting friends and family know how special they are to me. Oh yeah did I mention I usually gain weight? A minor detail. (AND BEFORE I FORGET I'M COPYING THIS LOOK DON'T THESE STOCKINGS LOOK SOFT??)

Looks like Santa stopped at this Gold and White Tree?? I just wanted to share some trees that I've come across ...It's getting to be the time we pull our decor out of garages and attics and do inventory. So Enjoy...more to come next Friday.Today it's about "White".

A light dusting of snow...Isn't this a great royal blue?

Love this bucket thing...It's a Country Christmas.
How about some feathers to soften your look??

Pretty Paper...Pretty Ribbon..Pretty Bows Star light... Star bright

Who doesn't love a Crystal Tree?

Hope you've enjoyed the show..check back next week for more ideas where I will feature a different color.

It is so harrrrd to believe that...dare I say it ...that Christmas is around the corner. I'm thinking of it a bit early this year since our family is getting together... some 40-60 people and we've been thinking outloud..

My mom and I have been digging through Christmas decorations. You know tossing the old trying to add a couple of items here and there to make it alittle different than last year. I am looking for a "White Christmas" for one of my trees and thought some of you maybe also. So I got on Google and went through several pages and come of with these for some early inspiration!