Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do you need to Paint a Plastic Door? Here's How.

After: The coverage is great and because the product is water base just rinse your brush and you are done!
I just finished painting the shed door and You really need to use a product on your door if it is plastic before you apply the paint.
I have yet to scrape off the glass but I wanted to get a pic before the sun set.

All you need is a paint brush or small sprayer if you have one. I use a good quality brush always which in this case is Purdy.

This product is called Adhesion Primer (I purchased this can at Sherwin Williams so I am unsure if Lowes or Home Depot has it. They may carry it I've never checked. It is a clear primer that you use on the plastic door before you apply your paint. Oh yea, did I mention it's water-based. Love that.

Before Paint...I once painted a new door that was plastic with just paint. I fought it the entire time. It dripped and ran and had to be sanded off and repainted with this method. So since I didn't know the first time..I thought someone else might need to have this tip! LOL!