Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pumpkins & Lil' Dude ready for Fall.October 1st

From the local "Goodwill" to my front yard. Now don't forget I'm restoring an old farmhouse from 1908 so presently the exterior is lacking in ...should I say design...However now we have character or at least... "a character".

Meet "Little Dude"...he actually looks a little different now...he has Straw for hair and a Styrofoam head. He makes me smile. He reminds me of one of our boys the way he's crouched down in the chair.I've also added a window with words but it's too dark outside to get a current I will post an addit pic of "Lil Dude" tomorrow or.... I'd better say Saturday. I've had a very busy week...I've also been completing another slipcover and have only the tabs to go to being finished so I'll post that tomorrow or Saturday as well. Hope everyone has had a great week mine has gone by wayyyyy too fast....Happy Harvest to all...I just l0000ove the chill in the air.