Sunday, September 13, 2009


BOO>>>>I'm not big on Halloween...but this reminds me of "Casper the friendly ghost".

The gangs all here...So bring on the hay ride.

The simplicity of this is greattttt.

Assorted pumpkins... love it...

How great is this wagon??

A particular fave of mine is this one.. I'd probably use a little more straw or something with a little more texture ...perhaps a tablecloth of burlap...???...but I was and am still impressed.

Feels like ...Fall.

This little dude is tooooo cute.I'll be adding one of these to my porch.Pics coming soon.....

How about some "Pumpkin Inspiration"?? The air is cool and crisp here in Texas in the low 70's which for us... is a Godsend it's come a little earlier this year but that's okay we'll take it. It's been raining for a couple of days and that too is much needed. My sinus' are usually the first sign of Fall and this year is no exception so due to the weather and my cold I am indoors watching the leaves fall from the trees along with the raindrops...I've been online looking for fall decoration ideas and have come up with a few to share. HGTV/rate my space. To see more of these photos or additional ones... Search... fall or pumpkins. Hope you enjoyed it.