Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I FELL IN LOVE ( on the internet)


A moment in time I never will forget
I sat with anticipation hardly believing my eyes.
A match made in heaven a love I could not disguise.
I held my breath a moment then I slowly let out a sigh.
I had won it in the last moment I had beat out the other guy.

You know the commercial for Ebay "It's more fun when you win it"
Today it's more fun 'cause I won it.
Look at this fab-a-licious chandelier.
I adore this wedding cake shape
The Bling...Bling of the prisms is over the top.
This will make #12 I think.
I just love chandeliers all of mine are different
I have them all over the house.
My husband and I just finished painting what will be my new master bath.
and that's where this one's going.
I love the patina on this one and I didn't go over my budget.
I always set a $ amount in my head and I stay firm...
that way I'm never disappointed that I paid too much.
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