Monday, August 23, 2010

Monogramming by Me....I'VE GOT A SURPRISE 4 YOU

I'VE GOT A SURPRISE ...Oh I have been so busy....but how I have missed catching up on all of you. THIS AND THAT ...has kept me away...BUT  NOT THIS WEEK I vow (Lord willing and the creek don't rise) THAT  I'll be visiting as many blogs as I follow... possibly find some new ones.:) HOW  I loveTHE WAY you inspire me with your gagets of joys, AND tidbits of tales....I can almost see your faces as though you are speaking just to me. It makes my heart flutter...WHAT A FEELING TO CATCH UP WITH OLD FRIENDS....
I have been working on project after project. Not outside (it's well over 100 degrees in Texas my work of late has been indoors. Yes,  in AIR CONDITIONING.....Need I say more....It's not just HOT in Texas it's CRISP... You know what I'm sayin??? ANYWAY bACK TO THE surprise.
There is nothing like seeing your own name in print. No matter how many times I stitch my name out it makes me SMILE. you know where this is going?? NOW FOR THE SURPRISE..... a COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO...I GOT A NEW TO ME EMBROIDERY MACHINE....Loooooooove it!!! So now that I have worked out the kinks I am ready to make you something ( ONE of my wonderful readers.  I am looking for readers who follow me or just happen to be visiting to leave me a note((((Yea that's what qualifies you (((((Leave me a comment)))) in turn you will be the winner of something old, something new or possibly something blue:) just had to say that....Leave me a comment The drawing will take place on Sept 15 in your comment on monogramming tell me what you like and i will personalize it for you .....Now doesn't that sound fun....???