Friday, June 4, 2010

More great old Houses...on my Historical home tour.

I just love a home tour and these old Historical homes really are a treat.Today I am showing you homes mostly on my street with an exception of one behind me....they are filled with character...This one has a tranquil feel with it's huge lot of trees.Don't let the front fool you this little baby is close to 2000 squ feet.

The homeowner has candles for all the windows and likes lots of lamps going on in the inside it is quite lovely year around.
How about this little green number some folks aren't that into the color but when you see it in person it grows on you in a hurry. Tons of windows That's it for today. I have been so busy with work that all my projects have piled up so hopefully in a week or so I will be back on track.You know gardening has taken much of my time...trying to get some perennials in the ground. In Texas you take in the below 90's like a sponge and get all that outside stuff done and then when it gets hot your back in doors with your projects...Hope you are all well and enjoying your familes as much as I've been enjoying mine!! More to come~