Wednesday, March 31, 2010


oOOOOOOH the lucky girl who had this was on hgtv/ratemyspace. Who would not like one of everything in this picture? It's a one room getaway! I don't need to "get away" from anyone but what a great space IF I DID. And if COUNTRY SUITS about this little jewel...I think they called it a "Shed". Can you believe it?? Bet those roses smell good.
What a great CONTEMPORARY space to lay out??? ZEN I think... IN A PREVIOUS POST...I MENTIONED A GIRL AND HER DAD (daddy's girl) this is another view of her room. I think I labeled the look to me as... Total Cottage. Well this is additional view and I like this one as much as the last so comfortable....

There's no doubt that this room is french inspired....wish this one had been in a panaramic.

This look to me Beach Inspired....Do they really have 5 small children???? hahahaaaa

I like this look because it's an "updated" look for an old antique.>>> > The fainting sofa is probably well over 100 years old...I'm not really a lover of so much blue but I certainly wouldn't say that this is a bad look.

Beauty... really is in the "eye of the beholder"....I like this name so much I'm thinking of using it for a regular weekly post. Enjoy the rest of your week~