Monday, January 4, 2010

This is my Guest Bedroom??? Wouldn't stay long would ya???

This was my "Guest" Bedroom...Wouldn't stay long would ya?? It was the room my husband was using until we could come up with a bed. Guess what? I came up with the bed..wouldn't you??? after seeing car parts placed on the shelves and around the room (inside the house). In all honesty we do not have a garage. The one that sat on my old lot was falling down and a major hazard so we disposed of it. However his "Until" Room was looking more like the inside of a shed along with unused exercise equipment.

But NOW WE HAVE A BED!!! A rusty old iron bed...Get ready 2 step back in time. I had to laugh when my husband said,"What color are you going to paint it????" I told him I may be the "Spray Bomb Queen" but I'm not painting it"! I love it's old rusty surface. HE knows better than to argue that point...Not that he would it was free we didn't pay a dime for it!!

I brought in some of my favorites to enjoy since my computer will be on one side of the room.

I will video this room and let you see the completed project it's a lovely room 2 tall bookcases with a window seat that connects them and 6 luscious windows...The lighting is wonderful in here.
This is my view from my desk (Still a work in progress) but it gets prettier all the time. You know place and re-place stuff that's me...just decorating my world! Hope your havin' a great day!