Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Isn't it greatttt when you can catch some time off to yourself to enjoy some magazines and get your creative juices flowing? It does not happen often enough. I have an exchange going right now with my friend Barbara and she has sent home with me a bag of old editions of "Cottage Living." Some I've seen but many that I have not. I really don't buy magazines like I use-to since I've gotten involved with the internet. Don't get me wrong I can't resist looking when I find them on newstands or at grocery check-outs.
I'm a sucker for a soft place to lay down... pile up the pillows and look at pics of what others like me are doing in "decorating their worlds." I get a charge out of it....many times right in the middle of looking at a mag I'll sit it aside and run off to look for some task to start next...not necessarily because my stuff looks like the photo but thinking to would be great if they know what I mean??? Inspiration.....what a beautiful thing? Think about it...what inspires you???
Might be time to ...fluff a pillow... and find out...