Friday, August 21, 2009

"Shabby" meets the "Studio"

THIS IS where I think about stuff.Surfing the internet is alot of fun for me because I love the photos.
Normally I would have sitting on the desk my 22" screen which makes surfing the web all the more fun! This area is not finished I still need to work in and out what I want to look at when I'm sitting here.

"COME IN"... take a peek at the rest of the room. I just finished the curtains and they came out great. Love this room it has 4 windows.

TRANSFORMATION: I know I told you a couple of posts back I was making some flat roman shades (DONE). All 4 completed and cord cleats have been installed.Rearranged the room also.
Wish you could see it in person it's so pretty.

I WISH YOU ALL A GREAT WEEKEND... who knows what's next for me. It's never really done if you know what I mean>>???...