Thursday, July 23, 2009

Master Retreat Make-Over!!

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Ever heard the old saying, "You've come along way baby". This room has come aloooooong way.
@@@ KEEP SCROLLING@@@The master makeover is done. Maybe not completely cause there's always room for change. However all the major stuff is complete. New floors, walls, ceiling, trim,insulation, wiring, paint, stain-glass, curtains, and bedspread. Ohhhhh, I almost forgot Chandelier (bling. bling) I am so pleased with the soft colors (it's much prettier in person but thought I'd try to photograph it anyway>truly a labor of love. Easy on the eye and a real treat to relax in! The coverlet is made of muslin and will get even softer as it's used. I made the skirt long and it's length is some 30" on the drop (May use risers under the bed). It really has a "Carolyn Westbrook" feel to it. I'm in the process of creating a couple more pillow shams to keep it versatile. My ceilings are 10 ft tall so the curtains are about 9' ft they do open and close on the rings and are absolutely lovely when closed as well.(I'll add a photograph later so you can see them closed). One of my husband's favorite colors is purple and these curtains have purple in them. ((I love floral... but I kept that in mind when choosing this fabric)). The tall cabinet in the corner hides our tv and below our extra blankets. Our closet was created with built- in shelving so no need for dresser. (keeps the look clean)