Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A picture says a 1000 words Enjoy! your Week-end.

OOPS! Somehow I deleted this photo so i'm somewhat out of order when I mention the parsons chairs NEVERTHELESS "here they are." Just couldn't leave them out.HGTV/rms search: lewisdesigns
Totally special from HGTV/rms search for :eileenjay several others views and rooms to look at.
I hope your enjoying these moments of inspiration. I am not trying to leave anyone off that has a great pic on HGTV/ratemyspace. I probably just haven't come across it yet and this really is about... me....sharing what I like with you. I have searched thru many photos and have come up with some of ....favorites. There's plenty more to see this is just my contribution to what inspires me hoping some of these inspire each one of you.Okay? so let the show begin.

Shabby porch swing is great because it looks like a great place to have some morning coffee or just a moment of quiet time.HGTV/rms search for:cobbcottage

cottagecountrygirl also HGTV/rms created this room (i like the punch of color).
Aren't these numbered plates great??? Very nice. This was also HGTV/rms look for: mysweetsavannah.

Love these parson chairs (very nice). Okay Ilove this room period. It's clean and crisp, pretty but can handle a man if you know what I mean. Not that they are clumsy but they are not as careful as women.Need I say more???

Isn't this a pretty monochromatic design. Fabulous chandelier.This pic was taken from (((HGTV/ratemyspace))) if you'd like to see additional photos of this grouping search for: lewisdesigns.

This was one of the pics i featured in another post but i did not have its source listed so...FYI.