Monday, March 30, 2009


I LOVE MY VINTAGE HOOKED RUGS. I HAVE SO MANY I COULDN'T EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THEM ALL ON HERE. I USE "capture" sold at Home Depot and Lowes comes in box or plastic container. DO NOT USE PRE-SPOT SPRAY. (((I'm not impressed!!))) Follow the directions which are simple and your rug will not only stay beautiful but it almost seems to lighten right before your eyes. The dirt lifts off without harm to your beautiful rugs as you can see just from these I have pictured I really appreciate the fact they have made it THRU THE TEST OF TIME and I want to keep them looking gorgeous. **Once after applying tar on my roof my husband (((Walked across the floor onto my 10x13 vintage rug smearing tar on the rug...with his boots.. OMG! I went online and the tar lifted off with no scrubbing but by using WD-40))) I really thought that rug was a gonner there are >>>NO>>> signs of tar it completely lifted off. JUST A TIP.